Membership is on its way!

Membership is on its way!

Membership of TIAH can help you fulfil your potential regardless of age, role, experience, or sector.

We're launching membership on 10 January, 2024, but in the meantime, you can register your interest in our service.
We're helping farmers and growers improve their skills and knowledge.
Once signed up, you will be able to:
  • Get quick and easy access to tools to assess your skills 
  • Find the right learning and development opportunities for you 
  • Record and demonstrate your training 
Sign up to monitor and track all your CPD needs in one place.

Making it easy to find, access and record training 

Whether you're just starting out or are at an advanced stage in your career, TIAH will guide and inspire you every step of the way. As a TIAH member, you'll gain access to convenient, personalised information about training and career development​.

Our services are designed to make it easy to plot your individual training needs using the TIAH Capability Framework - starting from where you are now, to where you want to be in your chosen farming or growing career.  

Your learning hub will offer personal learning recommendations, making planning and implementing your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) easy.

You can log what you've achieved, and it will show you where to go next to develop your career. It’s a private and secure holding area for all your training achievements.

We're making it easier for farmers and growers to access management training.

Enhance your management skills 

If you manage or supervise staff, advice, toolkits and templates are available for all sorts of management responsibilities. You'll be able to gain valuable insight on topics like recruitment and retention.

A training directory highlighting verified trainers in your local area is ready for you to use. And there are signposts for support on things like mental wellbeing for you and your team.

We're making it easier for farmers and growers to access management training.
Our job profiles cover a vast range of careers in farming and growing.

Discover which role is your perfect fit  

Our job profiles tell the career stories of real farmers and growers. Be inspired by how they're using sustainable techniques and forging rewarding careers in a changing industry. 

You'll also find a wealth of supporting resources to help you progress your career or upskill to be the best in your current role. Practical toolkits, such as CV templates and job skills profiles, will help you take the next step.

With TIAH membership, we want to bring our farmer and grower members together, connecting you in this vibrant, ever evolving industry to share your inspirational stories, best practice and new, innovative ideas.