Introducing TIAH

If you own, or work in an agriculture or horticulture business, we provide tailored advice and practical tools that are needed to help develop skills and lifelong learning.

If you'd like to work in farming or growing, we are the gateway to advice, support, and training you'll need to pursue a rewarding career.

Have your say on our development

The online service is in its development phase, known as beta. This is an important process that helps identify any issues. It provides an opportunity for you to suggest changes that will improve it.    

During beta testing, you'll be able to log on for free to access a comprehensive online library and plot your training journey. 

Checking in regularly, at times that suit you, will be an investment in your career. 

We're really looking forward to hearing from our testers so we can implement any recommendations and ultimately make our service the best it can be for all our members. 

How to get started

TIAH Capability Framework

Try out our new framework which will help you assess your skills and identify any gaps.

It’s easy to plot your individual training needs using the Capability Framework - starting from where you are now, to where you want to be in your chosen farming or horticultural career.

The framework defines the important skills and knowledge needed for different jobs in farming and growing. It's being updated continuously as our industry changes.

Grower reviewing her CPD needs with seedlings in background.

Manage your development

We're here to support you in finding the right courses and tools for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), so you can develop and add to your current knowledge and skills.

From free online learning resources to formal courses with training providers, we're bringing everything you need to manage your CPD in one place and make it easier for you to find the resources you want.

Careers information

Find information on the many jobs available in farming and growing. 

We can help you understand the skills you’ll need, and the opportunities to progress in your career.

Policy and research

We aim to lead and co-ordinate action in key areas to support a thriving agriculture and horticulture industry.

We're supporting farmers, growers and new entrants by improving careers development and increasing the capacity and capability of the sector's workforce. We're creating new learning tools, signposting to training organisations, informing policy and helping develop programmes focused on the industry's future needs.

Latest news

We are pleased to announce that we're sponsoring the Inspire Programme for a third year running. 
Our Chief Executive, has renewed our call for farmers and growers to try out our new online skills and careers service.
We welcome the findings of the report and the panel's recognition that we will play a key role in supporting the industry.

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