Core competencies

Core competencies

Here you can find more details on the core competency areas. They are relevant to everyone that works or wants to work in the industry.  

Our capability framework

Regardless of which sector you work in, or hope to in the future, you'll need to develop your skills and knowledge in our core competency areas.

These are Business, Leadership, Environment, Technical and People. 

Find out more about each of the core competencies below, or you can navigate to the sector-specific competencies (shown in the light blue area of the graphic) or the behaviours (the dark blue section).

Business competencies
Financial management and the quality and control of produce are both essential competency areas in terms of business knowledge and skills.
Environment competencies
Environment competencies centre on protecting the health of animals and humans, managing waste and ensuring land use is sustainable.
Leadership competencies
Leadership competencies concern the motivation of a productive workforce and maintaining good practice across the team.
People competencies
Health and safety, the wellbeing of colleagues and maintaining a healthy working environment are all key competency areas regarding people.
Technical operations competencies
Technical operations cover the understanding needed to use technology and machinery to improve the business's productivity.