Sector-specific competencies

Sector-specific competencies

Here you can find more detail on the competencies you need in your sector. They're called sector-specific as they're relevant to the sector you're working in or want to work in. 

Our capability framework

Each sector within agriculture and horticulture has a different set of competencies to reflect the variety of tasks and challenges they face.

These specialist areas are Livestock, Horticulture and Arable.

Find out more about the sector-specific competencies below, or you can navigate to the core competencies (by clicking on the pink area of the graphic) or the behaviours (the dark blue section).

Arable competencies
Plant health and crop production, soil management, sustainability, the environment, and harvesting are all key specialisms for arable growers.
Horticulture competencies
Fruit and crop production, plant health, soil management, sustainability, the environment and harvesting are all key specialisms in horticulture.
Livestock competencies
The welfare and nutrition of livestock and the handling of their waste are all key specialisms for those working with livestock.